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Is attension to detial importunt?



It really is. It is a direct reflection of you and how you are perceived by others. Poor spelling and grammar are the literary equivalent of socks and sandals or a suit and rucksack.


Regardless of the reason for your writing, it is rarely acceptable to enquire about someone else’s well or referring to ‘there files’ or ‘weather they think it’s a good idea’.


There, they’re, their; wear, where; its, it’s… It’s not rocket science and you really should know it.

Otherwise, you appear stupid.

Especially if it’s in your CV or other professional work – the key there is the word professional.


In an age where no one wants to speak to each other and written communication is so prevalent, you owe it to yourself to know the basics.

There’s a big difference in knowing your shit and knowing you’re shit.


No we’re not perfect all of the time, but there’s no excuse for consistently failing and making the same mistakes time and again. If you’re not sure on the correct usage, rather than guessing and appearing stupid forever, ask someone – appear stupid for a second and wise for a lifetime. Or better still, Google it and no one will know of your previous ignorance.


Inciteful? Probably. Insightful? I hope so. Necessary – definitely.


Author: Graham Purcell – Business Manager

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