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Online Profile Advice

It is no exaggeration to say that your online profile can cost you your job. Or for that matter, a potential new job.

More and more organisations that Churchill Howard recruit for, are using the internet to research potential new employees.

We can help you to manage your online brand effectively as well as providing specific guidance such as Linkedin profile advice.

Google yourself frequently

It may just seem like narcissism, but you should keep regularly checking what results someone will see online if they put your name into Google. Do a thorough online audit of your profile. (Check out Facebook, Twitter and any other sites that you might appear on). is also a useful resource to use.

Utilise those privacy settings

Remember to stay alert when online: Don’t reveal any key personal information such as your home address or your date of birth. Hackers could use this information to pose as you online and post unpleasant things. Ensure that any online accounts that you login to are secure, with strong passwords, for the same reason.

Make sure the good outweighs the bad

Posting updates, tweeting and taking an active part in online discussions can be a good thing for your career. It can get you noticed, keeps your market knowledge up to date and can help to position you as a ‘thought leader’ within your profession. Try to post positive, relevant information on a regular basis. You should soon find that these posts start to appear higher in search results than any less positive items you’d rather forget about!

Tread carefully

Be vigilant: Always bear in mind that anything you post on the web could potentially remain there for any future employers to see, for life. However, don’t let that put you off engaging with social media. In fact, creating a positive online profile can help to open up career opportunities. Just tread carefully.

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