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Beyond Recruitment

There is much more to Churchill Howard than just talent.

Because we partner with you for the long term, we get to understand you.

Understanding you means we can help you beyond just talent acquisition.

Adding value

We know you want more from your recruitment provider. With Churchill Howard, access to psychometric, aptitude and skills testing comes as standard. In addition, because we partner with our customers for the long term, we develop a greater understanding of other areas we can help you with beyond talent acquisition.

Talent management

Understanding the skills, behaviours and competencies of your team can help you with development, promotion and succession planning decisions. It also identifies where any skills gaps might need to be filled. Churchill Howard can work with you to understand and evaluate your team, looking at individual strengths and weaknesses and identifying the right development or resource planning approach.

Salary benchmarking

Churchill Howard talks to businesses about recruitment in Birmingham and beyond every day. We therefore have expertise in the salaries required to secure the best talent in our core markets and can advise you on whether your structures are best placed to secure that talent.

Other advice

We can also offer you consultative and impartial advice on a range of other areas including, but not limited to:

    • Reward and remuneration packages
    • Career guidance
  • Team structures

We are happy to discuss any other challenges you are facing and if we cannot help, we will share with you any of our contacts who we think can.

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