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Psychometric Testing

Psychometric and other aptitude tests are growing in usage for senior level appointments. If you haven’t taken one before, you might do soon...

Psychometric tests are designed to test whether someone’s attitude and character are right for the role. Unfortunately, they can also be the reason for job offers not being forthcoming. In addition to unrivalled interview advice, Churchill Howard can provide you with expert psychometric testing advice – by preparing you for the types of tests that you might face. The keys are always to prepare well in advance and not to lose focus.

Why the need for psychometric tests?

Independent academic research has shown that using psychometric tests as part of a selection process increases the chances of successful recruitment by a factor of six, compared to relying on interview alone. Many personal character traits, such as empathy, teamworking and reasoning skills are difficult to ascertain via interview.

Our tips for psychometric and aptitude tests:

  • Take the test at a time when you are fully alert and don’t have any distractions around you.
  • If you are asked to take the online tests at home, make sure that you won’t be interrupted. Switch off your phone.
  • Have rough paper, pens etc close to hand so you don’t need to move away once the test is underway. Often, speed and accuracy are being tested together.
  • Follow the instructions very carefully.
  • Be systematic with your answering and work through the questions at a steady pace. Don’t linger on a difficult or confusing question for too long – return to it at the end if you have time left over.
  • There are generally no right or wrong answers for personality tests. Answer the questions honestly: Don’t try to give the answers you think the testers are looking for as you will get found out.

Churchill Howard has partnerships with some of the leading providers of assessments. For further details, ask your Churchill Howard contact. For online psychometric tests practice, you can access these from

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