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Permanent Solutions

Bespoke recruitment tailored to you.

Recruiting for professional level roles will always require a blend of more than one solution. At Churchill Howard, we employ a wide range of talent sourcing methodologies, including targeted headhunting, advertised selection, on and offline networking as well as more traditional contingency recruitment techniques. “Bespoke recruitment” means listening to you and consulting with you, in order to tailor a solution around your individual requirements.

Middle and senior level qualified and part qualified professionals

Our partnership approach to recruitment means we are constantly in touch with the best people in the market, regardless of whether they are actively looking to change their role.

This means that as well as offering you access to the best people in the market, many of whom work exclusively with Churchill Howard, we are also able to identify the best passive job seekers who may only be interested in a move to work for you. The volume of our referrals is key to gaining access to the strongest talent in the market and testament to Churchill Howard’s success in delivering the best solutions for our customers.

Executive level professionals

We have extensive experience in handling search & selection assignments across the UK from our Birmingham office. We understand the critical nature of these roles and always work closely with you to identify and evaluate the best talent in the market.

We view each assignment as unique so we start by listening to you and understanding your business and your strategic objectives. We then employ a tailored combination of search, selected advertising and networking techniques agreed with you, designed to secure the best individual to help you achieve your objectives.


Change your team. First we listen, then we consult, always we deliver results

Beyond Recruitment

There is much more to Churchill Howard than just talent.

Interim Solutions

Adding value and returning on your investment in a changing business.

Start your change today, search for a vacancy.

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