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How are our predictions looking so far for 2017?

At the beginning of the year we made some predictions! These were based on market information and experiences from the consultants in the team here at Churchill Howard. So how are we faring?

So here were our 12 mystic crystal ball predictions based on facts, noises and quite frankly educated guess work – how are we fairing now with these as 2017 marches on? I think we have done pretty well so far – but I am biased! What do you think?

Business Partnering is only going to get more important – Pure business partnering is what we are talking about, which means challenging difficult stakeholders regularly, not just getting the sexy job title that everyone thinks it is!

More counter offers by employers reacting rather than anticipating.

Data mining and data interpretation. Working with and analysing large data sets is a skill which we have been regularly asked to source for. This also ties in with having top notch Excel skills.

Risk appetite as plans unfold is key…or a key on a bunch of keys at least – so experts with proven track records may be in increased demand.

Demand for newly qualified accountants continues to trend – either from Top 10 or 3 years in industry and CIMA qualified.

Projects and change skills – need for businesses to be as efficient as possible in light of a potential post Brexit environment, so looking at processes to be robust and business to be lean.

Soft skills – specifically communication and influencing skills; even at newly qualified / recently qualified levels people need to have impact and be able to articulate themselves clearly.

Strong technical skills please! Changes in reporting standards bring nervousness to big businesses so look to import in the expertise in specific standards when hiring.

One to watch – IFRS9 experience – Financial Services – as this comes into effect 1/1/18

Treasury skills – against a backdrop of Brexit, a need exists to keep on top of the impacts of exchange rates particularly for multicurrency businesses.

CISA Qualifications – IT Security Audit are wanted.

Re-locators for skills shortages – More skilled people will move to the Midlands region as the city plan develops and infrastructure (hopefully) improves and new employers arrive and obviously as more Michelin starred restaurants open.

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